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amuse |əˈmyoōz| verb [ trans. ]

1 cause (someone) to find something funny; entertain : he made faces to amuse her | [as adj. ] ( amused) people looked on with amused curiosity. 

A few amusing websites to wile away the hours. . .

  1. Rap Genius – translates rap lyricsKanye: They say I’m crazy, but I’m about to go dumb again Translation: Ye is known for performing crazy acts. To “go dumb” here also has connotations of rapping awesomely. Who knew?
  2. Bit Box – best quality stuff to help designers everywhere. Check out their free peeling concrete backdrops.
  3.  Scribol – weirdly fascinating and completely useless information.
  4. It Thing – collection of uniquely bizarre articles, photos, videos, and info graphs.
  5. Open Culture – free courses, audio books, movies.
  6.  Let’s get ready for fashion week – Show Studio -communicating fashion on line.
  7.  Farmer’s Market junkies search for what they want to cook – Foodily
  8.  Give what your good at  –Catch a fire

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