The Future is Now

Rapid Response Marketing

Everyone on The Market Council team carries a series of iPhones and Androids ready to “grow it on the go” for our clients. We scan emails; post to Facebook;  capture and create client Instagrams; shoot and share YouTube videos; send larger graphic files via YouSendit and receive messages on Twitter . . .

This is how we roll.  Our ever-expanding roles as designers, marketing pros and PR liaisons is now about more customer contact, sharing important information with the public and being as transparent and honest as possible with our client’s fans and strategic partners. Welcome to the party.

Yesterday, we put those phones down on the conference room table for what felt like a five-hour face-to-face meeting with one of our fastest growing clients. Our hearts began to beat faster when we realized there wasn’t really any service on the lower level of the building.

Constantly connected? Half day in-person meetings? Wonder what Tim Ferris would say about that?

The entire time, we were pretty concerned about –

  • The sweet customer from Gainesville, Florida we were DM-ing on Twitter about the complaint she had for client X.
  • The new artwork we had to upload to the digital billboard in Orlando, Florida for client Y.
  • The broadcast email we were getting approved that had to be sent to over 30 franchisees for client Z
  • The promotion we had to switch out on our client’s owned media platforms (their website and blog).
  • The blogger who needed a fact sheet and high res photos for her review of our client’s new launch.  . . .

And to think we thought we were already proactive promotional pros? Real-time marketing. The future is now.

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