Marketing, Customer Service and The Love Metric

After asking ourselves – what really moved and excited us about marketing today? –  we agreed it had to be this HBR interview with Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey, authors of The Ultimate Question 2.0.

Why? Because it speaks the truth about everything we are currently working on as marketing and PR pros

The customers’ voice is everywhere

  • From the expert bloggers that we are writing and talking to every day. Those we are targeting about our clients’ new products, and who know just as much about the health, beauty, fitness and spa industries as any trade or consumer magazine editor.
  • To the opinionated customers we are now sharing conversations with on Twitter for our clients.
  • To those checking in to the Facebook Place pages that we are uploading local news and photos to on a daily basis for the franchises we represent.
  • To the conversations we are having with Yelp representatives about correcting negative customer reviews.

We can see our roles evolving daily as the customers’ voice becomes amplified by the internet. We find ourselves explaining to our clients how important great customer service really is and how they  must understand that we can’t afford to have an angered customer tell their followers and friends how bad it is to do business with them  (or any company for that matter). It’s important for us to listen to these customers, because they are forming the perception about what others (including future potential customers) think about those we represent. And they are doing it in an internet instant.

So where do you start? How do you keep your reputation pristine? With the basic commandments of good customer service and by building a company with customer centric DNA. Check out Net Promoter for more.

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