An Introduction to Influence

We were chatting it up with our UK counterpart, a seasoned PR pro who knows a thing or two about how to spin a magical story.  The topic came up about a new store opening he has planned and how his client wanted to have an event, a special grand opening party if you will and invite all the media.

Spin Master disagreed. Grand opening events can bust a budget and unless A + listers are lining up on the red carpet there not the biggest bang for your promotional buck.

We agree with him. Grand opening parties don’t bring on the ink or articles or any/many stories/segments for that matter, let alone the media guests. A much more effective way to really get a writer or editor’s attention is one-on-one and that happens before the champagne is poured and hors d’oeuvres are passed.

The party is for you. The story is for them.

Give each journalist your undivided attention, a private tour and exclusive interview and watch how direct and effective your coverage will be.

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