On Trend

The bolder brow is the beauty statement of the moment and our client Uni K Wax Centers has perfected the brow makeover.

The fuller, more dramatic brow is one of the freshest beauty trends off the runway for 2011 and beyond. We’re preparing our client to capture this trend for press coverage and earned media credit.

 The checklist for just about any story related to a trend includes some homework, research and preparation.

  • Identify the trend and translate and adapt your own point of view, taking it from runway to reality
  • Examine what your product or service has to contribute to the trend
  • Create original and useful service content to help recreate the look (in the form of “how to advice/tips/tricks”)
  • Incorporate proprietary photos/illustrations/visuals that demonstrate your product/service contribution
  • Gather your in-house and celebrity experts and prepare them for interviews and appearances
  • Media train them about your key messages to maximize your exposure
  • Offer this information to those niche editors, journalists, writers and reporters looking for expert resources

Be open to the fact that your company will contribute to a bigger story. Most writers will want to include at least three experts to their article about any trend.

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