Enlightening Customers, Brightening Sales

This post addresses the ultra-curious customer.

It’s amazing how much you can learn when listening to your customers’ frequently asked questions.

It’s even more amazing when you discover what happens when you answer those questions.

Sometimes customers need help understanding why they should shop and receive services at your location(s).

Leaving them in the dark does nothing. Shining a light on any doubt or questions, speeds and moves sales.

We made it our business to uncover those questions (on behalf of our busy clients) and quickly fill in the blanks in their customers’ minds.

Recently we have done this in the form of easy research and a customer brand wide email, newsletter and social media campaign.

 1.Do an informal study. We called 25 different locations and asked the receptionists and managers what the three most frequently asked questions were that customers always asked.

 2.Create an email and a newsletter that answers all questions. We made September a back to basics/knowledge is power month. Our goal – empower our clients’ customers with the right answers.

 3.Create short, sweet and concise answers. Train receptionists and managers on the answers first. Make them easy to remember and share with others.

4. Spread those answers quickly through a brand wide email, newsletter on the social media channels your loyal customers are following.

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