Micro-Marketing – Zooming in on New Customers

Zooming in on a specific concentrated/targeted market can be an effective way to increase customers and sales revenue. It requires a very strategic focus and time spent studying the current customer mix, how they shop and what they do before and after they arrive at your business.

We have a goal to double our client’s customer base in 30 days. Our biggest weapon will be word-of- mouth marketing, giving current customers a rewarding incentive to tell just one friend or family member to try our client’s services.  Doesn’t it seem much more doable when you break it down into simple bites?

Here are five of the tactics that we believe will help us to reach our goal.

  1. Email current customers with a double rewards program incentive for each friend/family member they bring in by the end of October along with the creation of point of purchase signage at reception and check-out in case they miss the email. Be sure to encourage them to forward the email from their phone and invite friends on Facebook.
  2. Participate in mid-month customer appreciation events at the local chain of gyms with one location across the street and another about 9 blocks from this location. We found out about these customer appreciation days by just walking into the gym one day to introduce ourselves.
  3. Investigate the costs of hosting a table/booth at street fairs and festivals within a 20 block radius for micro-branding.  (More and more of these festivals are popping up around the holidays – a great way to find original and hand-made “Esty” like gifts).
  4. Offer gift certificates and products as prizes for the local YWCA events (two blocks away from our location). Again more branding on the Y website and to their fans and followers.
  5. Inviting bloggers in for a complimentary service to help spread the word through earned media. Also sharing tips and advice from our experts to their readers/visitors.

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