PR Mavericks

Stories are so much more effective when their convincing. You really have to tell your story and tell it well. It takes plenty of practice and the development of your own authentic self sincerely wrapped around your story.

One of the most important things we strive for, is telling our clients’ story with sincerity. Being sincere helps keep it real and personal; which we have found resonates with those that are listening.

We can see it in their eyes. People are salivating for sincerity. Sometimes when we are rushed, we lose that sincerity and the story never sounds the same. We don’t like to rush, but then we don’t drag on either.

We can tell if were dragging on and if we’re losing our listener. A good story should take no longer than three to five minutes tops and if you in an elevator – make that more like 30 to 45 seconds.

We also have to teach our clients’ staff how to tell their company story. It’s not easy injecting passion and conviction into a sales associate making minimum wage. So we keep it fun and we let them develop their own twist on the story. It helps keep it real. And it must be real.

Today we were rather impressed, when leaving the editor’s office of a national magazine (sharing stories about our clients of course); we stopped by an attractive new store at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. The beautiful windows caught our eye and the staff, well they’re rather good story tellers.

Let it Rain. . .  According to their website, Rain’s small rural factory specializes in the creation of handmade, African-inspired products imbued with the care, passion and laughter that is the cornerstone of our work ethic.

The sales associate at Rain explained the difference between charity and job creation and how Rain was helping to build the economy in Africa. She didn’t explain the laughter part (see company mission statement above), but after her story, we felt great buying a gift for mom.

Good stories should do just that – make you feel great.

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