Read the Crowd


One of our clients is a social media company that empowers, embraces and connects women around the world. It is a community that was made by the people and for the people. By the way, it took 14 years to grow.

Now, this group of women, this “community”, just can’t hold back. They review everything (products, services, you name it) and they do it candidly. No one edits their comments or cages what they have to say. It’s truly organic and very, very real. Just the way social should be.

After reading our client’s website, one very smart product manufacturer discovered that this community of women (1.5 million unique each month and growing) did not find their product offerings to be effective or worth the money. Ouch.

This bright company did something that not many others are willing to do, perhaps because of their big egos.  They rolled up their sleeves, put their ears and eyes to the pages and listened to the community, rather than fight the comments and criticism, they asked these women on our client’s website, how to do it better.

They asked these women (their potential customers) what they wanted from their products. How could they make a better product for them? What results were they looking for? How much could they or would they pay? And then they went back to the lab and started all over again, developing products for the people and by the people.

Now that’s reading a crowd.


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