New York Play List #1

All work and no play just sucks.

This section of our blog is an experiment in cramming and jamming in as much fun as possible into a few New York hours. Here we combine biking/laughing/eating into a day-into-evening excursion.

Start time – 3:45 pm on a drizzly October Saturday.

Hub bike rentals

Scout (can you find him in the photo?) was extremely helpful. So much so, we are going back this week to buy our own bikes (they sell new, used and collectibles). $7.00 an hour bike rentals ($5.00 during the week).

The Spotted Pig – skip the fries but order the burger, because you must. Roll Mops (pickled relish) not our idea of bar food but we are all over the Devils on Horseback. This place has been around for eight years now for a reason.

Ride it off – no better way to see the water views or get completely soaking wet on a rainy day.  Websites to check out the possibilities – Bike Maps at  and


For a cheap and real good laugh – seriously, improv is hard to do.  Check out Upright Citizens Brigade – New York Magazine’s September 2011 review -

We first learned about Cafetasia from the staff at NYU. They have a location on 8th Street off Broadway, but another less crowded location on Avenue A and near 5th street. Don’t order anything fried, but the Pad Thai with shrimp is a big bang for your hungry buck. Pad Thai with Shrimp (egg, smoke tofu, radish, chive, peanut, bean sprout and tamarind sauce.) Ask them to spice it up a bit with “medium spice”. The house chardonnay was ridiculously good for $4.00. Dinner and drinks for two – $28.00 without tip.

Finishing time -10:30 pm (still soaked, a bit shot but satisfied)

Playlist (click on the song title to listen)

Something old, something new. . .

Hurricane Waters/Citizen Cope

Rainbow (feat. Jack Johnson)/G.Love

Pumped Up Kicks/Foster the People

What’cha Know About/Donavon Frankenreiter

Otis (feat. Otis Redding)/Kanye West and Jay Z

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall/Coldplay

Close to My Fire/Slackwax

Hands of the Saints/Citizen Cope

Rules for the Ride

1. do not ride against the traffic

2. yes, you must stop at red lights and stop signs

3. yield to those walking

4. no cheating – it’s against the law to ride on the sidewalk. Our friend Jared from Groove Shark actually got a big ticket for this.

5. ride right and pass on the left (that’s the speedy lane)

6. you can wear only one headphone in your ear (not two!) again, it’s a law.

7. don’t get doored. Stay three feet from parked cars. Not so easy.



  1. Madeline–this is a fabulous entry, one which makes me want to RUN into NYC and check it out even on a rainy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the play list, especially Foster the People. Wouldn’t play on my windows media player. Must be i tunes format.

    Great energy for Monday morning!!!

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