Marketing Lessons from PR Frontliners

 The following describes a typical day of whirling dervish marketing and PR activities along with rules to remember when reaching for the stars.

 To whirl |(h)wərl|


move or cause to move rapidly around and around : [ intrans. ] leaves whirled in eddies of wind |

9:15 am –

  1. Pick up copy of October Allure and Harper’s Bazaar at Hudson News (pray client made the best of beauty directory) – wait is that a barefaced Lady Gaga on the cover?  Purpose of purchase: pitch accurately. Must read magazines, newspapers and sites daily– study the sections you dream to be in.
  2. Follow up with editors seen at Essence, Real Simple, Prevention and Seventeen last week. Email client to send personalized product selections that were discussed during desk side meetings. Keeping product personal really helps increase the chance that editors might even try them. Be sure to enter all new editorial contacts in our phones. Lists are useless if they’re not worked.
  3. Reach out to buyers at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman’s – InStyle loves new fragrance collection but needs store launch for editorial review. Can’t wait for distributor. Editorial and store launch lead times must meet to ignite the pivotal point of retail excitement.
  4. Schedule complimentary experiences and tours for franchise spa client for NYC bloggers – need continual flow of reviews to drive sales into upper east side (God’s Country) location. Hope they don’t ask for taxi fare.
  5. Write sharp, crisp desk side invitation for national media – include weeklies – Time, Newsweek and NY newspapers (note – create more timely angles for dailies/weeklies) for online beauty site client. Begin calling for appointments.
  6. Follow those that the chic beauty editor follows (follows 250, followers 89,523) while managing UK  client Twitter account. Look she follows that Electric Room guy.
  7. Write 200-word blog post about October promotions for client and broadcast to their Facebook and Twitter pages to boost SEO and keep customers in the know. Check @mentions to respond in a timely fashion.
  8. Schedule local marketing calls for locations in Miami Lakes, Kendall and other suburbs you’ve never heard of South Florida. Brainstorm creative non-discount promotions, client says prices are already affordable, dammit. Jump right on call with client in Orlando, discussion about co-promos with whole foods and plan for November grand opening event. Love Whole Food’s cozy sense of community. Local networking works hand-in-hand with national branding.
  9. Email CEO client for approval on special for Plum District email blast (28,000 coupon clipping moms). PR also stands for public relations, re-write copy and pitches for direct customer leads. 
  10. Help client select and brand event displays for regional marketing program, for stronger trade/ business-to-business PR.
  11. Call and email dermatologist’s office that expressed interest in co-marketing and promotion with our client. Brainstorm ideas on how to work together for mutual marketing success. Remember, it’s not all national news, it’s a 360 degree marketing approach. 

5:45 pm

Should I tackle that TV list? Why hasn’t Kathie Lee and Hoda’s producer jumped on that idea?  Oh no, feel the NY October chills coming on  Wrap it up. It’s a long week ahead.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

The ritual dance of the Sufi sect, a mystical branch of Islam, was created in Konya 700 years ago by the Persian poet Rumi. Practitioners, dubbed “whirling dervishes” by early European travelers, believe the act of repeatedly spinning allows them to forget their earthly body and move closer to God. “Dervish” is an adaptation of darwish, the Arabic word for Sufi.

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