The Future of Retailing Success

One of our “go to” fragrance experts is Franco, the visionary behind Luckyscent. He has an amazing online store of emerging fragrances from around the world.  He also has a small perfume shop in Los Angeles “the Scent Bar” pictured in this post.  We believe that Franco is way ahead of the game. Luckyscent and the Scent Bar may just define the future of retail – smaller stores that incorporate online technology.

  • Traditional brick and mortar rent is increasing, so smart businesses are moving their products online and shrinking their retail presence. But at the same time. . .
  • The retail shop isn’t necessarily dead at all. Statistically, consumers still like to experience products first hand and will continue to visit and shop in stores.
  • Social entertainment will keep stores alive. Retailers are becoming and more creative when in comes to designing “engaging” retail experiences.
  • Even successful online sites are setting up a physical presence; we’ve heard that  retailers like Net-a-Porter are gearing up to create branded brick and mortar and Amazon’s creating a similar on the ground experiences in the US.

The truth is, consumers want both – the ability to wander and discover new purchases on the streets where they live and play and on the world wide web.

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