5 Tips on How to Position Yourself as an Expert

We’ve often hear potential clients say, “the media always interviews the same five people in my industry and we can’t understand why. “ “ Don’t they want someone new to speak to? “Sure they do, but trust builds media and business relationships and that happens over time, one story at a time.  Staying on top of your game and your industry can make you a trusted “go to” resource for journalists and writers researching and writing about a story.

So where do you begin? How do you become a trusted resource?

Here’s what we help our clients do. . .

1. Create a bio/profile as an expert in your field. Be certain to list of all the facts and information you have to share with the media. Include video interviews of yourself.

2. Research and curate trends in your industry and keep a journal of everything that is affecting your sales, growth and product offerings.

3. Hire a representative or have a in-house employee contact members of key publications, digital and broadcast outlets and let them know you are available for research, brainstorming and interviews.

4. Update these writers (and your owned media) with your accolades and awards as well as speaking engagements and the projects you are working on. Invite them to come here you speak.

5. When they call, tweet or email, listen to their questions. Do your homework (see step 2 and do the research for them) and be ready to meet timely deadlines.

Remember to be approachable,  resourceful,  quotable and  bold.  The writer/producer wants to create something that their audience wants to read, watch and engage in.

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