The Fascinating Art and Science of Retailing

Welcome to The Lab Store.  Pictured here, a cloud of your favorite cocktail is poured into the glass. Breathe deep. Smell the buzz.

As the production arm of ArtScience Labs, a new retail store in Paris, The Lab Store produces and sells designs that emerge from cultural experiments at frontiers of science, typically involving collaborations between leading international designers, artists and scientists. A breathable energy drinkwhiffable vitamins and an air filter that absorbs toxic gases.

One of our favorites,  The Pumpkin, a new sporty way to carry up to a liter of water, or any favorite liquid drink within a convenient bag.  Designed with the potential to carry very large quantities of water in conditions where clean water sources are scarce, this first edition of The Pumpkin is tailored to the needs of an active urban life.

Their mission – to create and deliver designs that are conceived with ecological and health benefits in mind.  Many are culinary innovations including the foodlab, a culinary experimentation lounge and creative space where you can relax or work for the day as you enjoy the unique culinary experiences that The Lab has to offer.

Sometimes products are so fresh, so forward, so cool, they don’t even need a branding team. They just need a press liaison to share their story.

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