Where Brand Meets Blog

Busy PR bees, we’re on a whirlwind desk side tour media tour in NYC this week – about 30 meetings in three days. Hoping to inspire journalists, editors, writers with new story ideas and content sharing to build brand buzz for our clients. We’re meeting with editors of magazines like Allure, Women’s Health, Parents, Shape, Natural Health, Essence, InStyle, etc.

We’re also meeting with emerging beauty and style bloggers. We asked an up and coming blogger what she saw as the newest revenue trends in blogging. 

Legit or not, here’s where the brand currently meets the blog

  1. Sponsored posts on the blogger’s site. 
 Legit -as long as it’s identified as paid for, but proceed with caution.
  2. Paid for reviews
 from brands looking to spread it on the web. – see above.
  3. Blogger hosted sponsored parties for new brand launches – illegit. why?
  4. Freelance writing on magazine websites for extra income and SEO. Gotta pay the rent.
  5. These bloggers as “Brand Ambassadors” or Brandvocates– Illegit. Question, how do they write about other products?
  6. Charging fees as industry consultants. Helping design collections. Legit. See number 4.
  7. Hiring agents to represent them (so they can keep to the “creative”). Ambitious. Legit.
  8. Bloggers positioning themselves as experts on television. Super Ambitious. Very legit.

Many agreed that old-school brands have still not caught on. Translation: Chanel, Hermes and Prada still not giving away free samples.

Some said only the really good looking people get views on You Tube. (Remember, this is vanity. Welcome to the fashion/beauty world.)

Most were moaning about their day jobs and how all the want to do is write and wish they could make more money blogging.

The truth is, we have been following these bloggers for over three years. And they are growing. Their sites look stronger, their views are higher, respect is growing. The traditional media mentioned above took quite some time to earn their reputation. Most of these magazines were launched over 15 years ago. Time and trust is key. A bit of patience doesn’t hurt either.

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