Seen in All The Right Places

Everyone is attempting to create their own strategy on how to use video to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to their site and more clicks to their cart. New startups are popping up claiming to be good at getting your content seen and shared on the right social networks by the right people.

Video seeding technology allows for relevant video using semantic technology to automatically match videos to your respective audiences. Today we were told (by a leading video syndication company) that video on your site can increase engagement and length of time spent with you by 50%.

There is a difference between social video seeding vs. video ad networks. Click here for a decent explanation.

Video Seeding companies

Selling distribution but outsourcing their delivery

 Video Ad Networks

 If you are creating your own video to syndicate consider this:

  • Video should support editorial content
  • Content should spark interest and be enjoyable to watch
  • Celebrities are a huge draw
  • For bigger syndication, stay away from user generated video and/or blatantly branded video
  • Create a calendar of videos to launch that are themed and timed to release around important events
To stay ahead of trends in video, check Reel SEO

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