New York Play List #4 October 22, 2011

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The pre-game play plan included taking the N or the R down to Cortlandt Street just to see what this Occupy Carny is all about. Truth is, we are just too busy working to get down there during the week.

Occupy Observations

1. Zuccotti Park is much smaller than you think. It’s not a park. It’s more of a “square” with trees and plants.
2. People of every age and stage of life are eating/sleeping and doing God knows what in this “square” but there wasn’t any violence anywhere during our brief visit. Just a lot of blue tarp and people with many different reasons for protesting.
3. No one seemed “angry” or ready to fight; it was more like a circus really. The police just stood by watching and a walk around Zuccotti (which takes all of 5 minutes) revealed –
  • Clowns against Capitalism. yes, clowns.
  • Hindus in a prayer circle – praying for peace? reform? couldn’t really hear, because of those noisy little clowns.
  • A women who lost her job due to “gang stalking” a form of systemic control in the work place. (P.S. she was all alone).
  • Two men giving out $3.00 bogus bailout bucks and “felony deserve notes” with photos of Paulson and Greenspan.
  • One single guy trying to create awareness to help the environmental and socio-economical risks of the proposed Puerto Rico and Power Authority gas pipeline.
  • A few people talking about the elimination of the “fat cat spoils system” and the proposal of a flat 23% fair that would eliminate the IRS.
  • An older gentleman in a suit, educating everyone about “Why the Arab’s hate us.”
  • A grandma, who has gotten her fair share of media coverage, sitting and knitting with a sign about why she is protesting (for her grand kids).
  • Some grown man sitting in a small box with a sign that said “Let’s show China how its done”.  How what is done exactly?
  • An ivy league graduate with a cardboard sign claiming to be an “indentured servant”.
  • A few union workers (hey, they had hard hats on) and two gentlemen, a little early to the Halloween party; claiming they’ll work for money.

Not one uniform message to change anything. No real media coverage at all (well, maybe except for the Wiki Leaks truck).

It was like a carny. But if you read the sign about PR and propaganda, I don’t know if we’d make a whole lot of friends down there.

Never the less, fun at Joe’s Pub listening to Pokey La Farge last night. Love his reference to his case of “laughing heart disease”. Pokey and his South City Three put on an awesome show. Amazing. These guys are working hard to make it and they are so gracious, taking nothing for granted. Not an ounce of self-entitlement.

A taste of Americana straight from St. Louis, Missouri. Take a listen.

So Long Honeybee, Goodbye  and a few other picks from our play list –

It Takes Time to Be a Man by The Rapture

She Walks In So Many Ways by The Jayhawks

Not new, but still fast, cheap and delicious – a mango lassi, cardamom coffee and curry chutney chicken, spinach & balsamic roasted onion dosa with peanut chutney at Hampton Chutney.

A quick walk around Soho to check out new retail. Looks like Chris Burch went on a long trip to China. The C Wonder store is a big huge disappoint. Don’t even bother.

But the libation selection and lighting at The Smile always flatter.

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