Press Kits with a Purpose

We just designed our newest press kit for one of our clients and we are pleased at the feedback we are getting from the press. The kit takes a fresh look at the way media reads and uses the information we gather for them. We put our reporter hats on and we asked ourselves, what would help us write a feature story on this company? We packed the kit with interesting information in an easy-to-navigate layout that’s filled with well-designed  data.

So what are the elements of a relevant press kit?

  • Explanation of the company’s brands and subsidiaries
  • Demographic snapshot of the company’s primary, secondary targeted and actual customers
  • Newest product and service launches
  • Photos and profiles of the founders along with their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the company
  • Important company milestones that are transparent and meaningful for a great feature
  • Curation of the best-selling products the company has to offer – the “hero” products
  • A strong focus on how the company solves consumer problems
  • Current facts, research and statistics about the market and how the company leads the market
  • Key industry trends and how the products and services address those trends
  • Examples of story pitches and how the company can help become a press resource for those ideas
  • Some of the most popular questions and information requested by the company’s customers
  • Contact information including direct dial/cell and email addresses
We always create printed and digital versions of the kits that are easy to mail, upload to the website and email to the media.

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