Press Kits Made Pretty

If you want your story told correctly, you still need a press kit. It’s like a road map for the writer.

 Flash drives are fun, but a truly customized usb can be costly. Custom USB and USB Promos are two companies that get pretty creative.

Take a look at some of the newest customized flash drives being produced at Molotalk.


Most companies need a modular press kit to accommodate a fluctuating amount of information. Companies that are growing have information that is flowing, so it’s important to update frequently, if your printing your kits, take a look at these award-winning companies –

Flash Reproductions

Rhino Print Solutions

Graphic Direction


You can get as creative as you’d like with your press kit, but keep in mind that journalists will expect certain basic elements. These include:

  • A press release announcing new product/service launches
  • Company backgrounder with milestones
  • Founder profiles and company milestones
  • High and low-resolution photos
  • Industry research/trends/statistics

The easiest way to make your press kit available 24/7 is to put all the documents into a PDF or a ZIP file and put a download link to the file on your website’s media/news/press page. This page works best when it’s in your website navigation, preferably on the homepage. The idea is to make it easy to find.

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