New York Play List #6 November 5, 2011


One of the inspirations for How Much is Enough?, now at St. Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn is The Price of Everything by Eduardo Porter. Eduardo writes about business, economics, and many other matters as a member of the New York Times editorial board. He asks a lot of hard questions.

What will we pay for every moment?  Watch the teaser here.

It was off to Dumbo via way of Williamsburg, which had us stumble upon –

Moon River Chattel

It’s hard to believe this home goods store has been around for 12 plus years and we just made the discovery. After a quick browse, we had a taste of the house favorite at Aurora Ristorante – Try the filling but delicious -gnocchi vongole e carciofi  – lemon scented Yukon gold potato gnocchi with Manila clams, artichokes and Porcini mushroom.

Book before November 27th – How Much is Enough: Our Values in Question, exploring the fundamental concepts of value in our communities. The audience is asked to interact and answer personal questions about what they value. It’s quite the theatrical experiment. Read a pretty accurate review here.

More about the endless pursuit of unnecessary things in this informative Op Ed in The NY Times and some music to move you –

Heartlines by Florence + The Machine

The Fear by Ben Howard

Best Day of Your Life by Katie Herzig

Only Love by Ben Howard

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