Great Expectations – PR That Delivers

As your brand ambassadors, your PR Agency is given a decent amount of power to help you grow your brand . They’re practically partners, the face and mouth of your company, talking to those who can make your products and services known to thousands and millions of new customers.

With that relationship comes your great expectations – a Vogue exclusive, appearance on Ellen, that Harper’s Bazaar feature, blown-up Facebook fans.  You know, the things you dream about at night.

Here’s a realistic list of what you can expect after you have media-trained your experts and created all of the proper tools for great placements.

Earned Media Coverage

What to expect from your agency? A steady stream of television, newspaper, blog, magazine and radio placements as well as fans, followers and engagement.  Trade and consumer. Continual mention of your brand in the targeted media outlets that speak to your customers.Your agency should be effective at amplifying your message while also helping you listen. They should also be able to prepare you with the proper tools mentioned above, like media training.

Market Knowledge

Engagement with your company and an interest in everything you are working on and launching in the future. The ability to understand your market better than you do. A passionate knowledge about your products, your customers and your competition.

Passionate Confidence

The confident ownership of their position as your spokesmen/women with an authoritative and influential voice that will help to promote your  messages. Ask yourself – are they as enthusiastic as you? as your sales team?

Genuinely Creative Ideas

The development of a flexible PR plan that integrates traditional and digital communication strategies to deliver stronger coverage results with genuinely creative ideas that can help increase your brand awareness, sales and traffic.

Measurement Tools

The ability to supply you the metrics that will evaluate the success of each PR campaign/placement that integrates traditional and digital tactics.

Socially Savvy

A true up-to-the-minute understanding of all social media strategies, channels and tactics. An understanding of the five P’s of marketing – product, placement, pricing, promotion and people. Remember they should be teaching you.

A Fresh Perspective

Willingness to share the good, the bad and the ugly; while giving you a fresh perspective on how your services, products and brand is perceived by the public.

Warriors not Worriers 

The ability to stay calm, cool, collected and confident – all the time, even during a crisis.

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