Moonlight Marketing

Today’s tips and tricks are for all the emerging businesses out there –  those amazing start-ups with big hopes, dreams and aspirations that are going to try their hand at a bit of DIY marketing.

There are plenty of reasons why you have decided to do it on your own.

  • Perhaps you don’t have the budget to hire a team?
  • Maybe your sister already volunteered.
  • Oh yeah, you believe you are the only voice of your  brand
  • or could it be that you are just a complete control freak.

It’s all okay, but remember, moonlight marketing on your own could keep you up round the clock.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to share our experience as well as our advice on how to help build your brand and sell your products and services. These notes are from last night’s social media business discussion at the We Work Lounge in Soho.

Moderated by Emily Campbell Attorney of The Campbell Firm PLLC, the panelists included Sir Adam Nelson, CEO, Workhouse PR, Melissa Gonzalez – CEO, Lion’esque Media and Madeline Johnson CEO, The Market Council.

Bright Branding Insight from the Lion’esque

  • Speak TO your audience, not at them. Share, engage and build a human connection.
  • Learn from the pros by attending meet ups and conferences like the 140 Conference.
  • Read study and learn from the pros including Lion’esque StyleHubspot and Mashable  as well as Tech Crunch.
  • Check out  the free Social Media Week Conference schedule here.
  • & follow Melissa Gonzalez @lionesquestyle

Thinking man’s PR Tips from Adam Nelson

  • Normal will get you no where. Being irreverent and challenging the norm can help  you stand out from the crowd.
  • Do something different, something memorable and don’t be like the rest.
  • Find your mentors everywhere and be very passionate about who you represent.
  • Adam made reference to the world wide web as the wild, wild, west. So for those of you that need the law on your side (and we all do), Emily Campbell had some very important insight into the legalities of emailing and creating email lists, registering patents and what venture capitalists really want.
  • Adam also recommends the intuitive and stylish email marketing capabilities of
  • Follow Adam @workhousepr

And some Mindful Marketing matter from yours truly 

  • When creating content for earned, owned and paid media, remember it’s quality over quantity. You don’t have to write every day.  Don’t know what to post?  Switch out your marketing efforts. Post one day and network (find and follow new customers, mentors and insightful experts) on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
    the next.
  • Send a letter in the mail. Make a call to the President of that company you want to work represent. Dare to go direct.
  • Can’t find your fans on Facebook and Twitter? Follow your audience through niche platforms like Ning.
    From beer lovers, to bakers to millionaire matchmakers – check out this list of platforms by special interest.
  • follow us @marketcouncil

Some of our favorite writers and blogs to follow

Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review – because they make you smarter. duh.

Who couldn’t use a few predictions in these uncertain times? The Future Lab

Scott Galloway’s (Founder of Firebrand Partners and Professor at NYU L2 Think Tank

And for what NOT to do when pitching your company/products Bad Pr pitch  and follow Spin Sucks @SpinSucks

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