Decoding 2012 Media & Marketing Trends

Still using Google Alerts? Oh dear.

Today we hope to enlighten you to what Pete Cashmore’s predictions mean to media, marketing, and our daily lives.

Customized & Social Magazines

  • Check out news aggregation apps like Flipboard, a social magazine inspired by traditional print media, Flipboard wants to improve how you discover, view and share content across your social networks, while making it your own. Find what you’ve been missing while you create a customized magazine with Zite and help others discover what you like. Tell Bing what you are searching for with voice-activated search. Discover breaking news stories that impact you with a topic-based approach to curating content with Evri.
Global Voices
  • Blogs linked directly with mainstream media networks. User generated content aka “blogs” strengthen journalism.  For example, Reuter’s partnership with blogging network Global Voices.
Special Effects Browsing
  • HTML5 technology allows Internet browsers to display sweet, jazzed-up images and special effects that react to users’ actions, delivering playful interactivity without installing additional software. Read more, here.
Newer/Better/Cheaper Tablets
  • New devices that really compete with the iPad like the Kindle Fire which uses ultra-fast web browsing, has free cloud storage, a lending library , Adobe capabilities and costs half the price.
Privacy & Security Issues
  • While mobile shopping might rejuvenate retail sales, privacy and security are two big issues. Retailers should be worried about important data loss cases, or the transition to mobile shopping will be set back by concerned consumers. Smaller local retailers need to be seriously concerned with the infrastructure they don’t have to keep customers information safe.
24/7 Television Everywhere
  • If you can get past the annoying ads, TV is now everywhere. Mobile television services provider MobiTV is introducing an end-to-end TV Everywhere solution enabling cable, satellite and IPTV service providers to offer live and on-demand programming for viewing both inside and outside of the home.
Pick up where you left off – all the time
  • You can start reading your book on your iPad and pick up where you left off on your iPhone. Second-screen experiences are apps that connect televisions, phones, tablets and laptops. Controller Apps are those that let a phone, tablet or PC control an app running on a television. Companion Apps focus on synchronized, supplemented content. Interactive Apps let the user use a device as a secondary display.
Social Music
  • Search, listen and share your music. Social music heats up with the growing popularity of Spotify. But what happened to Ping and Rhapsody?
Web on Wheels
  • New technologies that link drivers’ smart phones to their wheels.  Ford’s new Sync Applink helps you control your Sunday drive playlist; GM allows you to remotely start your car from your phone.  In addition, look for apps that allow you to send texts and Facebook status updates using voice-activated blue tooth connected phones.
Flexible Devices
  • Imagine rolling up your computer screen and placing it in your pocket. The buzz around flexible displays has been around for a while, but keep your eye on Nokia and Samsung. Phillips announced it in 2004, but developers need to work on some technical and economic challenges before the full realization of flexible displays arrive.
Local is the New Global
  • Local really is the new global. Zoning in on SEO with Google places and location-based applications. Foursquare leads the way in deals and checks in as the most popular location-based application. Facebook Places, Gowalla, Yelp and Google Latitute lag behind.
NFC and QR Codes
  • Communication links between people and objects using near field communication from companies like Objecs allow devices to connect for things like contactless payment and ongoing education. A typtag is a unique tag that combines (NFC) Near Field Communication with QR (Quick Response) Codes.

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  1. channeling the perez. everyone can rant but few are insightful about it.

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