PR Prep –Branding for National Television

We are currently working with a fashion/beauty video production team on an international beauty program that airs in Paris, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden. The program also airs all over the web.

The format is brilliant.  Celebrity stylists/facialists/makeup artists, etc  in front of the camera demonstrating professional beauty services. Think Frederick Fekkai as Rachael Ray dishing up at-home buttery blonde highlights.

The missed opportunity that we have found is that some of the top hair/skincare/makeup/nails and spa talent that we have invited on the show, do not have the branded marketing collateral to maximize their on-air time.

Now we aren’t talking about blatant “in your face” branding, we are talking about the simple and sophisticated things you can create to get your logo on camera for a more memorable brand capture. Think of it as “branding without boundaries.”

If we call on you – be prepared

1. If you wear a professional uniform, have your company logo embroidered or screened on the pocket.

2. Brand your combs, brushes, make up tool kit, what ever it is you use to demonstrate your skills with your company name.

3. If filming in your location –ie. salon/spa/store, make sure you have in-store signage in the camera frame (permanently on the wall) so that viewers can jot down your name and Google or visit you.

It could be a branded hat your wearing, a pen your holding, a product you are using with your company name/logo. Get creative and of course, call us for ideas.

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