Public Relations is Everything

Public relations (PR) is arguably the most misunderstood marketing discipline in the world.

As industry experts, we know exactly how important great PR is to every company, everywhere; because it all boils down to perception. What the world thinks about you and your brand.

PR is not only about the media placements you receive and the earned editorial coverage in your press section on your website.

It’s also the mouthpiece of your company and the fuel that makes your brand grow. It’s the picture you paint and the map you create as you take your company where you want it to go.  It’s the vitamins your brand takes daily to stay strong and healthy. Great PR not only creates positive awareness about what you have to offer the world, it helps to make the world understand and appreciate why you created your brand in the first place.

It’s the way you flaunt the great testimonials from happy customers, the engaging campaigns created for social media platforms and the factual content given to each journalist, editor, writer and blogger.

It’s the tone in which your brand speaks to it’s target audience and the way in which your brand addresses customer complaints.

PR molds and measures how the brand is perceived,  PR reacts and is positively proactive -even when the company is going through the most turbulent of times.

Your Public Relations program is how your vendors, partners, distributors, advertisers, customers and basically everyone views and interprets your company to be. It’s not the spin, it’s the facts shared creatively and with passion.

PR is the smile everyone sees when they’re welcomed into your stores, centers and offices. It’s the way your team is trained on how to enthusiastically tell your brand story. PR even touches the turnaround time that it takes for the customer to get what they want, when they want it. You might see it in a rapid response Twitter campaign, blogger outreach and social story telling.

PR is the dress and heels (the jeans, the jacket/suit and tie), it’s the way the brand presents itself each day.

PR addresses the stage that is the world, where former, existing and new customers expect the best performance of your life.

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