Out Fox the Competition

So you’re building a brand new business from scratch. Out of nothing but a need you saw and an opportunity to fill it. How exciting.  The smart way to start is by incorporating  marketing, PR and design into every detail; right from the beginning. Building your business around key marketing strategies is the roadway to success because you are constantly thinking about how to attract new customers.

Marketing Operations  is about performance, financial management, strategic planning, marketing resource, and skills assessment and management.

So, how are we doing it for our businesses? It started with our mission statement, to the font we choose for our logo to the brand colors and icon, which like Google’s,  changes often, so as not to tire or bore our future fans.

At the same time we are structuring our new business to move quickly. Filling out online forms with the IRS and government agencies that require permits and licenses to operate.  Even those will be exposed and transparent to our future customers and partners, helping us to market and promote our business in a way that builds respect and trust. It says to the world, we are compliant and we are committed.

The test market survey we just created will help us grab the details we need to tailor this new business to our future customers right out of the gate.  After we gather the data, we’ll know what our customers want, when they want it and how they want it, giving us the ability to succeed even quicker than if we hadn’t.

You can also learn from some of our mistakes. We should have used an online survey creator instead of taking hours to create an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Think about how quickly your data can be collected and analyzed with a program like this survey tool. Other’s include  Google’s free survey maker, Wuffoo, Polldaddy, Zoomerang and Vizu.

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