Surefire Marketing Tips for Successful Retail Events

We’re working on a special event that will take place at The Pond next month in NYC.  Here we present notes from a conference call we had with one of the brands hosting the party, which is open to the public. The objective: create consumer awareness (drawing on the thousands of New Yorker’s and tourists that visit this holiday skating party every year) and sell more stuff.

Don’t assume that because there’s a crowd already there, that they will come.

1. Pre-promote your event at least two weeks before the date – via social media, email and if open to the public, near the event space.

Give them a reason to drop by the party, make it an “experience”.

2. Draw in your crowd with contests, prizes and games.

Special guests need to know what you want them to share.

3.Educate your experts about your brand; especially independent whiz’s who you’ve hired to speak to the public about your company.

Capture your events for those that could not attend.

4. Video and photograph the event for social media platforms, TV b-roll and in-house presentations (don’t forget your model release forms).

Know who you want to invite.

5. Create your guest wish list and focus on inviting them first.

Make sure everyone knows there’s a party going on!

6. Overdose on the signage around your event so that it’s well-promoted.

Don’t be boring. Make it memorable. Get Creative.

7. Make it playful, imaginative and fun – give them something to talk about.

Make sure your staff is quotable.

8. Media train your staff, especially if you are inviting bloggers, writers and producers.

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