Successful Spa Marketing

If you own or operate a spa business, one of the most popular promotions you can create to attract new customers is a  referral reward campaign that’s  linked to a customer loyalty program. Spa guests love to talk about their time spent at the spa to all of their friends and family. Why not give them an incentive to receive more spa treatments from you in the future when they recommend your location?

Let’s face it; your most loyal customers (your brand ambassadors) are probably referring friends anyway. Why not try driving word of mouth referrals by giving something of value to those who are doing your best promoting?

Award your customers with something they value, like savings or a complimentary service.

  • 15 to 20% off their next service
  • An upgrade on a service of their choice
  • $10.00 or more on their favorite service
  • A special gift of something they buy from you regularly

Do this daily, with every customer you have. Combine it with the delivery of a superior customer service and experience and you will drive sales, one happy customer/client at a time.

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