Creative Collaboration

Everyone is howling on about creative collaboration and how it leads to innovation, sustainable solutions and potential new forms of wealth.

Collaboration is important for any organization that wants to be productive, adaptable and creative.

Collaboration is not about domination or your “side” winning at all costs. It’s about co-creation for all.

Collaboration is about creating cooperative arrangements with collective action fueled by human and technological interaction and may contain complex inter dependencies that should be nurtured and nourished on a continual basis.

In order to succeed with collaboration, all involved must escape the prisoners’ dilemma with solutions that are perceived as fair. Rational self-interest does not always have to be the dominating factor.

We believe that in order for creative collaboration to succeed communication is imperative. All involved must be incredible listeners. Each and every player should respect and appreciate the value and talent of each individual member of the team and the power that it holds. Everyone working from the same playbook and focusing on the same strategy while everyone understanding without a doubt, their roles and responsibilities for success.

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