Successful Brand Integration Measurement

No doubt, the advertising world is changing, with more ways being developed to help companies integrate their brand into paid for advertisements while creating a more dynamic experience for their audience and a less invasive one for the consumer. The idea of brand integration has been around for a long time, but when incorporated into a 360 degree marketing strategy with a link to social media platforms, this form of marketing can make a big impact on sales and brand awareness.

Television programs are giving brands the opportunity to plan their ad schedules with pre-programmed licensing and placement of their products right into plot lines. Technology now exists to also embed special features directly into video content when placed on the web.

Creating authentic content

The highest quality integrations are perceived as editorial content and that starts with working directly with the writers and producers of the program. For more on how to create the most authentic product placement, read this article.

Product placements like these, do not come cheap. A brand integration deck from Martha Stewart, offering four to six-minute placements, with Martha mentioning your brand name and demonstrating your product with a brand expert can start at $200K. A one minute segment for an edited version of the same, $30K. Creating a 360 degree strategy should include a complimentary social media campaign with contests and conversations on Facebook and Twitter linked to television brand integration.

Measuring success

In an ad buy like this, measuring successful engagement rates becomes very important. It’s not just about a remarkable increase in impressions or big jump in visits to your website. It’s about measuring an increase in product orders and average order size.

Successful engagement rates are all about results. Return on investment should be at the core of all marketing partnerships. What should be measured?

What type of lift /spike in page views is your digital medium experiencing?

If you create a post ad survey –

  • Measure logo recognition and unaided brand awareness.
  • Consumer sentiment.
  • Decision to purchase.  A rise in consumer purchase intent.
  • Association of key brand attributes across all media platforms.

How many downloads of your mobile app?

How many entries did your sweepstakes pull in?

What %-age increase in web conversations/mentions?

Did your campaign increase audience awareness, change opinions?

Did your campaign include sampling? Calls to a hotline? Downloads of a complimentary guide?

Was there an increase in store visits?

Did your tweet become a trending topic?

When done properly, brand integration is a creative way to show how your product or service works, why or how your product or service should be used, and can (although there are increasing rules around it) be a great way to attach an implied celebrity endorsement.

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