2012 Successful Marketing Strategies

 2012 Marketing & PR Resolutions for More Successful Marketing Campaigns

Leverage the Power of Traditional PR

Empower your sales and marketing presentations with earned media coverage to build your company’s reputation and sales.

Traditional editorial coverage may not bring as many customers to your cart as you’d like – but look at the respect and importance these editorial placements carry in the boardroom.  If you want to measure the importance of earned media coverage, count how many times you and your staff leverage this coverage to convince someone to buy something (anything) from your company.

Remember that Timing Really is (Almost) Everything

Don’t choose to launch something incredibly innovative during a time when traditional and new media members (aka bloggers and vloggers) will be attending and reporting on other huge industry events.  If you are new and your idea is exciting, strike when you can get the attention your campaign deserves.

Communicate More Effectively with Everyone

If you have chosen to work with industry experts (a PR agency, marketing team, social media expert) to help grow your business, than realize that you must communicate with your new members more effectively. You cannot just hire and hope for the best, you must integrate these experts into your team and include them in your decision-making processes.

Successful Strategies Take Time To Grow

Measuring the success of your new marketing campaign over the course of a reasonable amount of time will determine how successful it was to your bottom line.  Patience is key.  Decide what you will measure before you begin a campaign and stay the course.

Embrace the Power of Social Media

We refuse to hear one more client tell us that Twitter doesn’t matter or that they don’t understand the importance of Facebook or Foursquare. Get with the program, these tools unlock the power to persuade customers and position your brand as a leader.  Not to mention how much they help you learn and grow your product and service offerings.

 Incorporate Great Customer Service into Your Marketing Campaigns

It doesn’t matter if you serve up the best, newest, coolest, most innovative, fastest, incredibly fabulous thing. If your customer service is below par, you aren’t going to win over new customers. Successful marketing strategies = amazing customer service – everywhere 24/7.

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