The Truth About Successful PR Campaigns

This is a post about making it happen in 2012. The fact is, there is zero tolerance for simulated discussion. Social media has fundamentally changed how the new PR agency business model operates and has become a pivotal point of intersection for brands and their fans.

Clients are looking to the communications world (PR) to provide big ideas and delivery mechanisms to spark conversations about their new products and services. Clients don’t really care how and now PR (not just advertising) is being asked to lead the campaign.

In the past, PR has been seen as either trivial or manipulative.

Best PR practices now advocate a brand’s position with transparency. Customers want to know what we do, how we do it and where we engage, while conversations must be engaged in with speed and agility.

PR must be real, accurate and managed with a strong tolerance for criticism.  Brands must be ready for public scrutiny.

People/customers/fans have the ability to find out their own information about brands.  Everyone, not just the news media, are reading press releases that get a high Google rank. Getting the facts straight in those news releases has become critical.

Social media raises the bar for brands to create more objective content for consumers, even the pros and cons about their own new launches.

While mainstream media still has the job of being a judge and  brands and corporations can contribute, they cannot determine the outcome of the conversation. A brand or corporation doesn’t own the discussion and neither does PR. The consumer just might.

Prior to social media there was a pyramid of authority. A few editors/reporters/journalists would speak to millions. Back in the day, PR was cultivation of the few to educate the many. Now PR educates the many with a real conversation.


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