Your Best 2012 Marketing Strategy

Is your customer service program ready for 2012? Check out Moxiesoft’s Multichannel Communication Capabilities Best Practice Assessment. This is a quick quiz to see if your brand’s marketing strategy is ready to go beyond the call of duty to create the ultimate customer experience. Why?

Because consumers expect instant gratification Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook create a sense of urgency when it comes to resolving customer issues.  The top three social media activities that most companies have yet to even master are: providing links to relevant content, providing reactive support when customers complain, and integrating social media marketing with other marketing channels. In 2012, brands will be doing much more and social media will become absorbed into the very fabric of companies that are going to win with tools like Foursquare, LooptGowalla,  Coupon Cabin, Dibsie  and Marketmesuite  to name a few.

Mobile Marketing Mania

As smart phones continue to increase in popularity, it will become the main method of communication. This makes complete sense, as mobile purchases provide services at a lower cost per interaction and deliver tailored offerings to users.  Check out Speech Cycle , their customer relationship enrichment portfolio integrates smart phones with speech application software for faster and more cost-effective solutions.

Smart marketing strategies + superb customer service = best business practices. Small business owners used to be afraid that an unhappy customer would tell ten people. Now, through social media sites, they can tell thousands. On the flip side, happy customers can be your brand ambassadors and your biggest source of new business. Consumers believe what their peers say about your company more than they believe any of your own paid marketing and advertising.

You can find out exactly where your customers are talking about your company and what they are saying. Following your customers on social media platforms and websites is critical for engaging them and answering questions about your offerings.

More self-service, everywhere. Sometimes, customers want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Think about how many self-service kiosks have been added to airports and mass market retailers like Home Depot, Walgreens and CVS. Retailers should consider the fastest option for frantic customers.

Personalized email and text auto responses have become an expectation. We are training customers to actually expect a welcome email, thank you email and special promotions from time to time.

Retail stores are much more experiential and smart customer service expectations are high. Customers react to entertaining demonstrations, live music, tastings, new merchandise and friendly service. Your 2012 marketing plan should include a few, especially to help boost sales during traditionally slower times.

When it comes to the web, it’s all about self-service to live-service transitioning. Real-time chat has practically become a requirement in order to help your customers with questions and to place orders. What to look for in 2012 and beyond –  video chat for an even more personalized touch.

Forget about window shopping anymore, companies like Milo help customers track the products they want from their phone. Customers will no longer come into your store to see if you have a product. Milo shows customers what’s in-stock, where it is and how much it costs at that very moment. They also offer detailed product information and user reviews, so customers can be confident they are getting a product that fits their needs.

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