Successful PR Strategies

Happy to say that 2012 is off to a pretty good start. Here we share an email that we received from someone we will hopefully be working with in the New Year. We asked the universe to bring us smart, passionate and bright people to work with and behold, a potential new client, who actually understands the value of social media and the importance of an integrated marketing and PR strategy.

 Hi Madeline,

 I came across your website in Google and I was impressed with your online presence. I am the owner of a small business. I sell high-end fabulous products to local retailers and consumers. I recently added an e-commerce component to my website and I am interested in hiring a publicist to handle a few components, namely:

 – creating a short and long-term PR strategy;

– integrating and bolstering my social media efforts;

– celebrity placement; and

– editorial placement mostly in magazines and on the web.

Wow. A client that knows exactly what she wants and precisely what is needed to bring on the buzz and elevate her brand.  This is the type of client that makes us want to wake up and face the NYC negative wind chill factor at 8 am each morning.

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