Social Media Sharing

Social media is not an advertising channel; it is a place where brands can share their true voice and inspired vision while keeping it social with their audience. Your brand personality can really stand out when its sincere and shares information that has you staking your claim as a leader in your industry. For example –

Tate (art galleries in the UK ) offer sneak peaks to up and coming installations on Twitter.

Tiffany’s Love is Everywhere campaign permits fans to post photos of what makes true love to them -#TrueLovePictures

Trader Joe’s @tradejoeslist – barely has to tweet, but with the occasional reference to favorite snacks to pack for Coachella. Most of the time their fans do it all for them.  Perhaps it’s because they have created an amazing place to food shop with an incredible assortment of delicious well priced items. Fans are constantly sharing their favorite brand of ice cream (Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter) as well as favs like mac and cheese balls, wasabi roasted seaweed and cranberry green tea. Their Darth Vadar twitter background page is pretty damn funny too.

Vogue UK’s blog shares photos of the table setting at Harry’s Bar for Chanel’s annual new year lunch to a small “gem of a shop” featuring one-offs and limited editions – a behind the scenes look at the fashionable lifestyle drizzled with “in the know” secrets and information.

@Target receives plenty of customer service tweets. Reading their timeline, you imagine they should just replace their call lines with a Twitter feed. Whether their helping customers locate the sizing chart on their website or answering questions about qualifying for free shipping – they are responding to their customers.  They are sharing their customers voice so the kings and queens of the Internet can be heard.

We love @Zipcar $how me the Monday campaign with a $25.00 credit when you enter to win.  And the voices behind Zipcar are speaking to their target audience with references to Portlandia and a T Shirt Tuesday giveaway.

Nowness, the LVMH digital leader in luxury storytelling  serves up an interesting tactic, Nowness blocks their Facebook page until you like it and then gives you access to video and photos. Here they share exclusive clips which lead back to their website. They claim their content is independent of their brands. Nowness has also teamed up with Foursquare and has about 140 places to offer you which include their picks of the most loved hotspots in travel, culture, and gastronomy from around the world.

5 Top Tips for brands on Pineterest –the first being – don’t just pin your own content –  Land’s End Canvas created a “Pin it to Win it ” contest that was well received – letting customers and fans join in on the fun.  Land’s End claims that Pinterest is “the intersection of style and social, and a natural visual platform to showcase the brands’ image and product.”

Starbucks never advertised on TV but they share plenty of content on YouTube, including some exclusive stuff with musicians like Jakob Dylan, Broken Bells, James Mercer of the Shins.

If you are trying to find your brand voice online, one of the most important questions to ask yourself – Does your brand behave the same way in the real world?

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