An Open Letter to Future Clients

We are truly excited about putting our best efforts forth to represent your brand as if it were our very own company.

However, before we let the ink dry on our agreement, we have a very important question about the person in your company (or team) that we will be working with on a daily basis.  Check as desired.

__ Please be brutally honest and inform me of any weak links in my organization that are prohibiting the growth of my company.

__ Never mind that, just wear kid gloves and work with whom ever we assign you to work with, regardless of any form of nepotism or relation to me.

___ Training and mentoring in all aspects of marketing will be necessary, as I have assigned you to my former executive assistant who would like to one day have a career in PR.

__ Report directly to me, even thought I don’t have a spare moment in my day and probably will reschedule most of our weekly calls, I need to know what is happening with PR at all times.

 Warning: Congratulations, by retaining our services, your marketing team has now grown.  We are an extension of your brand and we must work with a company representative who understands marketing and the value of our services.

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