The Soft Sell

What’s the difference between pitching a story and selling one? Absolutely nothing.  We’ve just never approached editorial and television coverage that way.  A hard sell is just plain annoying. A softer approach more often than not really works.

When speaking to reporters, we prefer to energize them with a more subtle approach. We’d like to believe we have perfected the art of inspiring, enlightening, informing and educating each writer, journalist, freelancer, producer and/or editor we call, write and meet.

How you ask?

  • Confidently inspire.  Be sure in comes through in your tone and with the energy you have with each new media connection you make. Be passionate or don’t pitch at all. If you can’t feel the story, then you just can’t inspire anyone.
  • Enlighten with industry statistics, current polls and surveys, give the writer a view of the bigger picture. Help them with the foundation of the story, not just where you or your company fits into the picture.
  • Inform them of the facts that build your story. Give them the details, over the phone and written in a fact sheet.
  • Educate them about why your story is important enough to report.  Is it part of a bigger trend? Are you involved in an up and coming movement? How does it tie into the current news?

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