Authentically Charming

Like most, we are drawn to  brands that go beyond trying to be “authentic”. Mentioning our favorite places and spaces in New York that have genuine charisma was inspired by Monocle issue 50 volume 05.

For a brand to be charming, it might be. . .

quaint like the Kaweco octagon classic black writing instrument

we picked up at Project 8 and possibly

leisurely  like a long pull on a Sinsemilla at Gitane

as well as . . .

textured – with fabrics, wood and layers of surprises – like browsing through the Criterion Collection at Opening Ceremony

while bringing our dining experience

a bit closer to nature at August in the oh, so charming West Village.

And feeling

familiar and local like the wayland.

Small but strong, charming brands are

built with craftsmanship like one of our favorite scents – a fragrance that evokes superhero magnetism.

The brands we love continue to build our trust by being

honest like  a salt and battery which recently switched from Cod to Pollock (which is a sustainable locally caught fish).

They are also

somewhat fascinating as curated at The Evolution store

and almost

always aiming to please and delight, which is precisely what Kiosk does for us.

Charming brands are  genuine like city bakery‘s remarkable sunken treasure hot chocolate and pretzel croissant.

Powerful but not necessarily measurable

we believe charm inspires devotion. 

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