Measurable Marketing and Customer Insight

Forget about the traditional market research model of surveys and demographics. The internet now has us measuring customer behavior in real time, closer to the actual moment of purchase.  Companies that can help your brand  discover how to give your customers what they want, when they want it –

Graph Effect  will help you find out more about your target audience than just what they give a “thumbs up”. Watch this quick tutorial on their Facebook page.

Companies such as RichRelevance, Certona, Baynote and Monetate all offer the ability to personalize information to specific audiences based on their online and in store behavior.

RichRelevance powers personalized shopping experiences for the world’s largest and most innovative retail brands, including Wal-Mart, Sears and

Certona enables online retailers to personalize their entire customer experience by delivering individualized product and content recommendations in real-time, increasing average order value and revenue per visit.

Baynote equips ecommerce executives with new power to give consumers what they want, when they want it. Brands can understand buyer intent and engage consumers by offering the most relevant products and content as interactions are occurring – across chat, social, email, mobile and landing pages.

The beauty brand, L’Occitane explains how monetate has helped them integrate weekly promotions through their email campaigns and website pages.

Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Ertell,  explains how monetate works – taking data that we know about people and adjusting the customer experience along the path to purchase.


  1. These marketing tools seem infinitely more precise than conventional methods. Impressed by Graph Effects technology.

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