Brand Ambassadors

We are in the midst of deciding whether to host our own blogger event, where we will launch our client’s newest products to a group of influential bloggers (selected for their quality content, following and engagement) or hire a single brand ambassador to host the event and invite her own ring of blogging buddies. Either way, there is no promise of actual reviews. We are looking for earned media coverage, testimonials from enthusiasts – not paid for banner ads.

If you are planning your own blogger event, in hopes to get the word out about your brand, consider the following –

Quality not Quantity of Bloggers

It seems that some top quality bloggers take offense when they attend an event and those with less klout are also invited. According to industry experts, it’s a bit of an insult, so hand-pick your invitees carefully.

Evidentially, a smaller event with fewer blogger guests can be more beneficial than inviting the whole online party to a fun-filled entertaining hour of good times and cool new launches.

Brand Ambassador Fees

This advice is coming from a blogger who has purposely worked her ass off for five plus years to earn friends and followers and has her own “agent” while asking for $2K + for a sponsored video about your new product launch.

Get Creative

Influential bloggers get invited to the same events that reporters, editors and journalists attend. In the cosmetic industry, that can mean up to 15 invitations to new product launches a week. Get creative when selecting your location, entertainment and experts, so you can stand out from the crowd.

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