Tell Us How You Really Feel

There is a bit of buzz growing around the idea of “emotional connections” and brands on the web. Companies are building more visual websites with vibrant imagery and video  that attempt to emotionally touch their audience. It was the poet George Herbert who said, “The eyes have one language everywhere.”  They say it’s the future of branding.

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence.”  — Robert K. Cooper. Ph.D. (a pioneer in neuroscience)

Which made us think about our clients and their customers as well as small businesses struggling to get to the next level.  It might be time to consider driving some sentimental value. Think about it.

  • What does your customer expect from you?
  • How do they perceive you?
  • What do they really feel about your brand?
  • What truly turns them on?
  • What are their priorities? Are you meeting them?
  • Have your customers become truly loyal? If so, why?

People Browsr, works with companies like FOX and Razorfish and helps them find the conversations and the people that really matter most to their business.

Twitter Analysis Tools and TwitterFeel look at the meaning of the tweets and divide them into negative and positive communication items.

Community sentiment is measured on this index as well as with this tool from Chatterbox in the UK, which tells us what people think about  by analysing the sentiment of tweets around their location-based iPhone.

Why is an emotional connection so important to make? To quote Graham Brown  The levels of cooperation required in the future may mean that EI [emotional intelligence] and other forms of intelligence such as creativity and self-transcendance, will be valued over the intelligence measured by IQ tests. An intelligence centred in the heart is centred in the Self and therefore has a superhuman, trans-personal connection; the next phase of evolution, with its enormous challenges and increasing load of information, will require an integrated intelligence with access to the infinite.”

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