Socially Obsessed

A series of conversations around the office and a hell of a lot of research has led us to conclude that only your most obsessed fans and closest friends will find you on Facebook, religiously read your blog or bother to RT your latest tweet.  That’s probably like your top 10% VIP customers. They might not even buy anything from you. They just might be completely obsessed with your ish. They are the ones that usually find you when your fresh and fairly new.

We know someone completely obsessed with Saturdays – a menswear shop occupied with surfing, living and working in NY.

One of our favorite past times is studying the people and companies that emerging brands like Saturdays follow. Hell, what inspires them? That’s what we want to know.

Here are a few of our favorites –

  • The divine design at House Industries
  • One good thing a day from Good
  • Well-edited fashion finds and lines curated Mr. Yoda and his team at Aloha Rag
  • Those activating change and generosity at Sevenly

Your “marketing” plan should begin with understanding why these people are so obsessed with you. What is it that you’ve created that resonates with them. That is the key to unlocking your staying power.

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