Make Love not Marketing

We’re really fortunate to work in a collaborative workspace with all types of start-ups and energized people around us. The vibe at WeWork is contagious and because we are all nestled together (our offices are divided by glass) we can pretty much hear every conversation that’s happening around us. Not in an annoying way mind you, it’s very similar to working in any office, where people are hustling and bustling around, without the bureaucratic nonsense.

Sweet Talking Turns Us On

Now, theres this one guy who has a very distinctive voice. He also has an awesome business.  He moves around a lot. He’s the type to roam the place on his cell, hold interviews on the lobby sofa near the elevators, let you give his dog a pat on the head . . . you know the type. I kiddingly make fun (never to his face) about his bedroom/boardroom tone. It’s distinctively his own and every word that comes out of his mouth sounds suggestive and just a bit seductive. Not in a porny way – but in an alluring and soothing way. In a, I want to hear what this guy has to say because it sounds so pleasant to my ear way.  Now, he could have just been born with this charismatic voice, or maybe he adopted/perfected it to lure in new clients and sweetly manipulate employees into giving just a bit more of their time and energy, regardless, it’s working for him – and I am pretty sure he knows it.

Little does sugar lips know, that he has been a big inspiration to us. Really, we have been talking about how to build an emotional connection with our customers and clients – and hello – how about staring with the tone of our voice? Duh. Now that’s a great way to spark an emotional connection with our customers.

Mouth Watering Marketing

Our new start up, The Snack Cart aims to help people change the way they eat at work and is a collaborative effort we are launching with WeWork, who just so happens to be changing the way people work – together. Our plan is to bring healthy and delicious food, fun and community to all of the WeWork members. We launch in a week. Why change the way you eat at work? That’s a whole other story. Check out Mashable for more.

We really believe that the experience that each member has  @thesnackcart when they purchase a salad, sandwich or apple – has to be fantastic and consistent. The best brand experiences deliberately attract and build trust. Experiences with a strong emotional connection can create long-lasting customer relationships and fanatical advocates.

Here are some of the rules of engagement we are creating for our Snack Cart employees. We hope they inspire you and your customer experience.

The Snack Cart Smile

  • Look happy even when you aren’t – nobody will know the difference.
  • Learn to say each customer’s name at least once when you greet them.
  • Never talk as though you’re looking to score.
  • Adjust yourself to the personality of the customer. Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. It is often observed among dating couples.
  • Look into the customer’s eyes from time-to-time and keep it organic. Let them decide what they want – be respectful.
  • Serve promptly. Answer the phone promptly. Show up promptly. Be alert.
  • Stay energized, even when you’re not. Sip a shot of Red Bull or Bawls or something. Get pumped. Be pumped. It’s contagious.
  • Give our customers sweet presents, kisses from the cart, thoughtful  little gifts.
  • And finally, never say good bye. . . . – Let the customer know they’ll be back.

Hasta luego baby.

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