Shopping for a Brighter World

How to turn your boring retail experience into mind candy for the buying brain – secrets for selling to the subconscious mind. Click the link above and check out this neuroscience gem.

Step 1. Create multi-sensory experiences as you educate and entertain your customers while mixing high-tech with high-touch for the ultimate retail experience.

Step 2. Get on board and arm yourself with the smart shopping apps that your customers are downloading . . .

Consmr -a Yelp-styled app of consumer goods, where you can scan bar codes with your phone to see ratings, reviews, alternatives and product recalls.

Want to know whether to wait to see if something will go on sale? – check out Decide -an app that will help you know whether to buy or wait. You can set price alerts for items on your shopping list and search stores near your home or office.

RedLaser allows for on-the-fly comparison shopping with a multifunctional scanner that works by reading QR codes.

And yet another app, Slice helps you track and organize online shopping.

Now, onto tackling the million dollar question- How do we convert all this attention and engagement into actual retail sales transactions?

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