Social Content Management

Social Content Management . . .it isn’t easy, but it’s positively necessary for most new businesses.

From what we hear around our office workspace, this is what many small and medium size business owners are  currently plotting as they attempt to set sail into the sea of social everything.

  • Concern about the quality and integrity of the content they are publishing and  whether  they are reaching their customers during critical moments along their buying path.
  • Worry over the role of the “social content manager” – and high expectations to deliver value, day in and day out.
  • Curiosity about companies like and their  “Distributed Engagement Channel.” Is it necessary? Is it expensive?
  • The real challenges involved in positioning their company(s) as “thought leaders“.  Tip . . .write/film/tweet and share like a journalist, not a sales representative.
  • Locating the best source of content (educational/inspirational/operational) for “micro entrepreneurs“. Some of our favorites -everything from @Fastcompany,  You’re The Boss blog @nytimes,  @entmagazine  blog(s)
  •  And finally, their  ever-changing technology roadmap when technology is emerging at the speed of light.

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