Breaking Brand Trust @BofA

I don’t even want to write this post, but I feel compelled to do so.

As most of us in the promotional world know, online to offline marketing has made some big strides this year with the offering of “relevant” deals to customers based on their debit card spending habits.  Just ask @BofA_Tips. Unfortunately, some companies are just a bit too anxious to jump on the bandwagon, including Bank of America who broke my trust this past month by offering me deals in my private online banking account without asking me first.  See Burger King coupon in a screen shot above. By the way, the idea of going to Burger King makes me feel sick.

I have one word for this type of brand behavior @BofA. No two words – incredibly creepy.

Hello @BofA, I never signed up for your deals and I don’t want them. Obviously you did not take my privacy into consideration when you started offering me (without my permission) “deals” in my private online banking statement. I guess the marketing team at Bank of America missed the part about how to actually launch their new program.  Note to Bank of America: it’s critical that these programs are introduced in a way that protects consumer privacy and retains consumer trust.

Hell, I never even got as much as an email that they were launching. An invite maybe? Not one “opt out”. As a matter of fact, last week I called to have them remove the deals from my online banking statement.  Yeah you try to find the privacy controls for this one.  Yes, I called customer service and sat on hold as I waited my way up the supervisor chain. And yes @BofA promised they would remove my account from these offers. Still there. Now, I am telling you (not so nicely)  Get your marketing spam out of my bank account now.

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  1. Bank of America’s @BofA_Help Tweeted the following instructions for opting out of their Amerideals –

    Once you are in your account, select “Cash Back & Coupons” tab at the top, then select the “Preferences” tab
    Just click on the “Opt out of BankAmeriDeals offers” link

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