Getting the Message Out – The Perfect Press Kit

Yes, digital press kits including fact sheets, company profiles, high and low resolution photos and press releases are still very important when communicating with any form of media (newspapers, television, magazines and websites).  These tools help you connect in a more productive and relevant way. As a matter of fact, if you want your story told correctly, they are absolutely necessary. Update these documents frequently and make them easily available to members of the media.

What’s Your Story?

Consider adding your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your business to your backgrounder so that writers can understand your vision for the future. Where is this company headed?

Feature Your Spokesperson

A profile and photo of the founder, CEO or best person to go on camera while representing your company as you get the message out. What are their areas of expertise? Include a sample video so producers can see and hear how they present themselves to the public.

How New are You?

Don’t underestimate the power of new. Writers are looking for something that hasn’t been covered before. Something that their readers/viewers haven’t already heard about. You can get away with calling something new for about six to nine months after it hits store shelves. After that, it’s old.

Make it Easy to Read

Create headlines for each section of your company profile to make it easier to see the milestones along the way (and make important moments like awards and  new avenues of distribution stand out.)

Get Your Facts Straight

Add the description, benefits, ingredients, instructions, size, price, distribution and launch date to all product and service fact sheets. Don’t forget to position your products for your target markets. Who will be buying these products? Who were they created for?

Share Photos and Illustrations 

Neatly organize all of your product and company photos. Clearly label them and place them in low and high-resolution folders. If their not easily accessible on your website than share a Dropbox with writers.

A few weeks ago, we actually had an editor of a popular online magazine tell us that she wanted access to all of our client’s product photos now, because she keeps the photos on her desktop for last-minute stories and deadlines. No need to email us, she has everything (including captions for the photos) at the click of the mouse.

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