Boutique Beauty and Spa PR

We never aspired to be a mid or large size public relations agency and definitely never will. It’s all a matter of really enjoying what we do best and that is media and consumer relations.  The day-to-day pitching to producers, reporters, writers and editors about the benefits of our clients’ products and services weaved in to a timely news angle. The conversations had with your customers and clients through email, Facebook, Twitter and so on. That’s what makes it happen for us. Introducing you to new fans and communicating your value.

Why PR? Convincing the consumer to come out and spend, amid an abundance of product innovation is incredibly time-consuming. The critical factor is getting your message across. It’s all about creating awareness of your brand.

Why boutique? We knew what growing would do to us. It would have us worrying about paying overhead, managing and training employees, outgrowing offices for yet another move and hours and hours of shuffling around paper work. That’s not PR. That’s not what we’re passionate about.

We’re passionate about growing your business, day in and day out, one magazine article, TV segment, blog review, status update and Tweet at a time.

Many will agree, hiring a boutique agency for your new beauty product, spa or niche fragrance, is the intelligent choice. Why? Because it’s like having your own press liaison and online customer service representative practically sitting in your office.

If we fall in love with your product and we connect with you and your team than it’s easy to become your brand ambassador.  Sure, it’s time consuming and that’s why you hire us. We are just as ambitious and excited about building awareness of every great thing you do.

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