Mobile Strategy for Luxury Beauty Brands

A Mobile Strategy for Luxury Beauty

Stepping up your mobile strategy will allow you to reach your consumers during what marketers call the “path to purchase” or what is considered  your customers’ “voyage to value”.

It starts with awareness – what is that new fragrance from Chanel called?

then moves to trial – I received a Birchbox of samples of the newest lip and eye shades!

with a persuasive “call to action”now that is a Sephora beauty deal worth receiving.

and finally, being there when she needs you most – the touch point of loyalty – I have to buy that new age-defying eye serum right now!

Your website should be optimized  for mobile (iPhones, Androids and tablets across the board) to capture your customer at all phases of her purchasing journey. When will she finally click to the cart?  It could be today, it could be next month – but you better be ready for her, where ever she is.

Here, a few tips on how to develop a smart mobile strategy for your beauty brand –

  • Study your audience purchasing habits – including media consumption patterns. Is it TMZ? or
  • Ask the question -What does your consumer want out of a mobile offering? Price comparisons? product reviews? QR code scanning?
  • Understand whether your product is suitable to mobile marketing or actual mobile commerce.
  • Consider that consumers are using more than one device to search and shop – tablet, phone, desktop and laptop. Make sure your brand looks and performs well on all platforms.

And. . . .

  • When it comes to designing your customer’s user experience – maximize utility and minimize clutter. It shouldn’t  be difficult to find the “buy now” button.
  • Realize there will be some consistent messaging and content across all platforms as well as specific information to each device/platform. Think it through. A “thoughtful” mobile app is a better experience.
  • Some of the “content” you create should tout your brands’ goods and services while other information might be more peripheral – and not even seem to related to the brands’ core offerings, but more to the lifestyle of the consumer.

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