Popular with the Press

It starts something like this. You see your competition getting all of this press in top tier media – from The New York Times to Vanity Fair Magazine and you ask – how did they become so popular with the press?

Opening Doors 

We open quite a few new doors for our clients. Doors that lead to new opportunities for press and growth in brand awareness.  Doors that lead to interviews, valuable editorial and impressive earned media coverage. As well as those that lead to special event opportunities, industry awards, celebrity seeding and creditable marketing campaigns. This is what your PR agency should be doing for you.

The Past is Always Present 

More often than not, we receive calls from companies we have represented in the past, asking us if we’d like to work with them again. They’ve been through the mill, worked with the competition and have become disenchanted with PR. BTW we are working on a post about the most common complaints we hear about other agencies.

Keep ’em Coming Back For More

We believe that the reason clients keep coming back is that they long for our sincerity, enthusiasm and dependability.  They remember how we own it.  We represent our clients like every day is the first day, maintaining the same level of excitement that we had when the ink was still wet on our agreement.

If you are considering working with a PR agency and want to know what it takes to become popular with the press, allow us to guide you —

Communication is Key

We make it a habit to keep our clients very close through constant communication and status updates. You should never have to ask for an update or wait for a status report. We also communicate daily with the media, making sure the articles they are writing are consistently on point with your key messages. We do this is a speedy fashion.

Persistently Pitching

We have a “whatever it takes” attitude – because your agency should deliver what they pitched you in the first place. If they are side tracking with other opportunities or begin complaining that your product/service isn’t smart enough, expensive enough, pretty enough – well more often than not, these are just excuses. Ask them why they didn’t bring these points up before joining the team. Press comes from persistent pitching to the media with timely and creative angles to help support stories.

Compassionate Understanding

We listen and learn carefully to understand the nature of our client’s practices. We have to understand their industry, competition  and challenges in order to help them. There is no excuse for not taking the time to study your market and trends on the horizon.

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to detail – making sure that key messages for each and every product are consistent throughout all marketing collateral. If that means working late to help you edit your next brochure or website, than so be it. It’s a team effort and your agency should go that extra mile.

Reality is Your Friend

We never over promise, because reality is our friend and yours. No use living in denial.  You will know what we can and can’t do with press for your product, before we go to bat. If a feature in People or InStyle magazine is out of the question, we will let you know.

Staying True to Our Mission

Reliability. We show up on time. We are the first on the conference call, waiting for your team to moderate. We are consistently creative, serving up fresh, new creative ideas for editorial coverage.

Honoring and Respecting Your Time

Respecting time and space by being really dependable.  You can count on us to set up your trade show booth while you unpack from a long flight. Be rest assured that we show up on time and proudly represent your brand. One of our main goals is to build a trusting relationship with you and your team.

Building Professional and Personal Relationships

Professional relationships can be personal, and they damn well should be. We are working with you and for you. Sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your company. We spend a lot of time together. A PR agency should get involved in the day-to-day marketing activities with your company and your team. If they’re not, somethings wrong.

Sincere Honest Feedback

We give it to you – the good, the bad and the ugly. Those samples we asked you to send over to Glamour Magazine were smashed and didn’t quite make the impression we wanted. Yes, you will hear about it. The reporter found dead links in your website right before going to press- we’ll help you fix it.  Your marketing copy sounds condescending, we make recommendations.

Have questions about how to become popular with the press? Leave a comment, we look forward to hearing from you.

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